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Asked for a ereader for xmas from my parents, mainly so I could get etextbooks for school, save money, save weight to carry around, right?

Decided that Kindle had a slightly better deal than Nook, as their etextbook selection was slightly larger.

Got a Kindle Keyboard (brand new and shiny) since I dislike touch screens.

Went online today, bought a textbook for my Kindle. Went to download it onto my Kindle, got a 'not compatible with this device' error.

After a while with tech support, it became clear that 'Oh this book isn't available for this Kindle, only for the Kindle Fire. Most larger books are that way. You should go buy a Kindle Fire.'



First off, making books available only to certain Kindles? Bullshit. Not saying this ANYWHERE on either the Kindle or the book itself's order page? Even bigger bullshit. They lead you to believe that you can get any Kindle book for any Kindle, but I guess that isn't the case.

I don't want a Fire, I wanted a Kindle Keyboard, but that's apparently useless, since most of the books I'll buy are going to be larger books that won't run on it!

I got them to return the ebook. I can't return the Kindle through them, only through the store I bought it at. Which is overseas. And I already tossed out the box as the device worked.

I asked them where I could send in a complaint and got the response "Oh, we don't have a number for that sorry! Have a nice day!" Customer service fail much?

I tried to find anywhere on the website to send in a complaint. After quite a bit of digging I found a help section with a link to a 'feedback' page. When I clicked on said link, it gave me a 'Thank you for your feedback!' page without actually letting me put in any feedback, so I can't even COMPLAIN.

Oh hai, Barnes and Noble, would you like my exclusive business from now on?

Also, anyone know if it's even possible to return an Amazon gift card? Got that from other people for xmas since I told them I was getting a Kindle. >_
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