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Daniel Keller woke up in the dark. Something heavy was pressing against his legs, and he heard water dripping somewhere near his head. He couldn't for the life of him remember where he was, or what was going on. Hadn't he just been on vacation?

That's right. At that pricey Carribbean beach resort. Because the new job payed so well, and he deserved a break. He'd met that girl - Michelle. She was sassy. And sexy. They'd spent the the past several days learning to surf and enjoying the resort amenities together. They had been having dinner? No, just finished dinner. And she had been coming up to his room, and he was hoping she'd stay the night... What had happened then? His head hurt.

* * * * *

Kira Martin was on the balcony of her second story room, having a cigarette and planning how best to kill someone, when she saw something large and shiny in the sky out of the corner of her eye. She casually looked around, expecting a hot air balloon or hang glider or some such. It wasn't anything like that. And it was coming closer. Coming closer much faster than anything should be this close to the ground. It was split second decision time, and Hazel decided that staying on the balcony would be a BAD idea. She dropped the cigarette and thew herself over the rail into some bushes as the large object impacted with the hotel. Thanking whatever gods might be listening for her martial arts training, she got up, only slightly bruised and scratched, to see an utter wreck where the resort hotel used to be. "Well, this might solve my problem," was her first though. This job had been harder than it should have been. The target had been spending so much time with another guest that the necessary alone time to complete the job had been impossible to find. And the damn hotel doors had those electronic locks that were unpickable. But with whatever had hit the hotel, there were sure to be many casualties. And if she was lucky, the target would be one of them. If not, this would still make it easier to finish the job. She brushed herself off and started heading towards the least-damaged entrance.

* * * * *

The water dripping sound stopped, to be replaced by the sound of something heavy being moved. Daniel blinked. He thought he saw a little bit of light coming through some sort of rubble piled up over him. He tried to move his legs, but whatever was on top of them couldn't be budged.

"Shit. Hey, is anybody out there? I'm kinda stuck."

Voices, then some of the rubble over him shifted and a bright light shone in and hurt his eyes. He blinked.

"You ok mister? We try get you out." Someone with an accent was calling from a ways above him.

"Yeah, I've just got something heavy on my legs. What the hell is going on?"

"Something crashed into the hotel. We're trying to get people out, just be patient," another voice replied. "There's a lot of junk piled on top of you."

He was losing feeling in his legs. He wondered if Michelle was ok. And what had crashed into the hotel? Some out of control plane? This place was in the middle of nowhere. Eventually the rescuers got him out. There was a cleared area not too far away that he limped to with help from a young hispanic woman that he remembered serving drinks at the bar that afternoon.

"Hey, have you seen the girl I was with earlier today? About this tall, long brown hair, short blue dress?" he asked her.

"No... sorry. Maybe there?" She pointed about thirty feet over, where a handful of other able bodied people were attempting first aid on some other people that had been pulled out. He limped over there, and to his relief saw her. She was out cold, covered in dust, had a bruise on her temple, and it looked like her arm had had something heavy and sharp land on it. Someone was rigging a crude bandage for it.

"Michelle!" He stiffly knelt down next to her. The bandager looked up.

"You know her? Good. See if you can get her to wake up. They're passing around water over there." He gestured vaguely to the right. "I have to help some other people." He hurried off to a hysterical woman with blood streaming across her face.

Daniel got some water and a rag of some sort, and wiped off Michelle's face. Eventually she started groaning and her eyelids were flickering. "Hey babe, come on, wake up..." She mumbled something that was either gibberish or a foreign language, he wasn't sure which. "Come on, you gotta wake up Michelle... can you hear me?" Her eyes suddenly snapped open, an expression of utter terror on her face. "Hey, it's just me... it's ok, something hit the hotel but you're gonna be ok." She seemed to calm down a bit, seeing him. "What...?" She started to sit up.
"Careful, your arm's hurt. I don't know, a plane or something crashed into the hotel. I don't think they know what exactly happened yet."

* * * * *

Kira made her way towards what seemed to be the center of the wreckage. People were screaming and crying and trying to dig people out. She knew more or less what direction the target's room had been, and headed that way, ignoring everyone. There was a large silvery... something... sitting in the middle of what had been the hotel. A crashed satellite, maybe? It wasn't a plane, that was for sure. Eventually she got to a cleared area where people were stacking bodies as they pulled them out, and covering them with tablecloths from the dining room. She went around, peaking under the tablecloths hopefully. Someone gave her a sympathetic look. "There are some survivors over that way, ma'am." Having checked the last body in vain, she headed that direction with a nod of thanks. She stopped when she saw the target from across the room, still alive unfortunately, and surrounded by people. She was thinking how best to make use of the situation, when an earsplitting wail from behind her made her jump and spin around. A man was awkwardly patting the back of a hysterical little girl, who was simultaneously trying to hide her face and trying to peek at a woman's body... well, most of a woman's body... that was being pulled from beneath some wreckage.

"Maaamaaaaa!" The man comforting her turned around and saw Kira.

"Can you take her? I've got paramedic training, I need to go help the injured." He shoved the girl into Kira's arms before she could protest.

"Dammit." She was suddenly stuck holding a little girl whose mother had died most gruesomely. Kira sighed. She was an assassin, but hardly a monster. "Hey, honey, it'll be ok. Your momma's in heaven now, okay? Aw crap...poor little thing. Shh...." She wasn't any good at this sort of thing. This whole mission was cursed.

* * * * *


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