round robin story part 2, by [ profile] kabukiropedance

Feb. 1st, 2007 12:03 pm
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Reposting it here, it's also in her journal. Next up is [ profile] kaosfox, have fun!


*Be calm Ty’ren. Our Queen yet lives*

*It was to close Dor’an. If they had succeeded all would have been lost. I wanted to give her more time to remember, but time is a luxury we can not afford. Bring her home now!*

*I will have the Bounded pair Kal’drin open the portal to retrieve them immediately but that might alert our enemies, the Mintouri.*

*I know Dorian but she is our heart and if she dies then we also loose Syl’va and our kingdom will be no more.*

The sun was slowly setting over the plains painting the land in gold and crimson. Rolling sound of thunder could be heard off in the distance carried on the wind. The shear perfection of the moment was lost on the two figures standing close together facing the east.

A flash of light and where there were two figures now stood only one. A creature of legend. Half man, half horse. Masculine beauty combined with horses grace and power. Tan skin flowing into to ebony hair. Proud and bold. Centaur.


*Yes, Dorian?*

*We won’t loose them again. The tribes have waited to long. Suffered too much for it to end like this.*

*I know. Once Kira’le and Syl’va become one again, and become the Horned pair Kira’va, the chosen of the gods; we might have a chance. But can we really ask this of them? They have already suffered so much together.*

*We can do nothing but love them as it was written in our destinies .*

A gust of wind washed over the now dark plains as the gods came out to dance. One by one the moons of Tricorna illuminated the sky casting the world in a golden glow. The Bounded pair of Ty’an, Ty’ren and Dor’an, slowly started heading back to camp to make preparations for the retrieval of the Gods Chosen Pair. A deep sorrow flowed through them at the thought of the betrayal they would commit against the woman/mare they loved above all others.

* * *

“Shh baby… Don’t cry.” At a loss of what to do Kira kept rocking the young child back and forth as it was crying frantically for its mother.

Looking around she spotted a young couple with two children emerging from the destroyed hotel. With a small sigh of relief she made her way hastily to the couple and thrust the screaming child into the startled mother’s arms.

“I’m sorry but I’m really not good with kids and I really need to find my friends so can you please take care of her. Her mother is dead and I don’t know if there is anyone else with her”

Not even giving the startled parents the time to react, Kira sprinted towards the beach hoping to regroup and track down her target again.

If Kira hadn’t been in such a rush she might have noticed how eerily quiet the beach was. Not even the gentle lapping of the waves on the sand could be heard. Kneeling in the sand she checked her weapons and the knife she had strapped to her thigh earlier in the evening.

Sensing something was wrong a second before an ear splitting clap of thunder shook the ground, Kira sprang up and started sprinting down the beach again towards what she thought was the lights of the hotel. Her silver hair flashed in the moonlight waving behind her like a shining banner of starlight. Her pale blue eyes squinted in confusion as she got closer to what she thought had been the lights of the ruined hotel. She realized her mistake a second before she was hit in the chest by a bolt of lightning. Pain seared through her mind and she felt herself begin to fall into oblivion. She heard a faint echo of a cry before her world became completely dark.

*Return to us Kira... Return and make us whole again…They need us!*

* * *

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