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*When will you learn to listen to me Michelle?*

Michelle groaned at hearing Simum’s repeated triad. For being no bigger than her pinky finger, the little mouse lemur sure had a bossy personality. He always made a point to make sure Michelle knew when she made a poor choice, a choice that could have been prevented by listening to the lemur’s premonitions.

*Not now Simum! I know being right is one of your greatest loves, but you know as well as I , that I had to be here.*

“Michelle, how are you feeling?”


“Can you talk?”

Michelle’s eyes slowly focused on the face hovering over her’s.

“Who are you?”

“Daniel Keller, we meet here at the hotel this week.”

“Oh right. What happened?” Slowly Michelle’s mind tried to sort out the events of the evening. The last thing she could remember was leaning up to kiss Daniel in front of his rooms. She had intended to stay with him the whole night, using her body to integrate into his life. Time was running out, and she needed to tie Daniel to her.

“I am not sure. The most I have been able to find out is that something large crashed into the hotel. We were lucky to be on the opposite side of the hotel when the thing impacted.”

“What time is it?”

“Shortly after 3 am.”

*Michelle, you should get out of here. There is danger in the area, we need to leave.* Simum chirped in, overriding any thoughts of the mission. *Leave now or we will not be able to!*

Michelle slowly sat up. Looking slightly to her right she saw the ruble that once was the Oasis Resort. In the darkness it looked as though a horde of ants was milling over the debris, pulling out mutilated bodies, some still twitching with the remainments of life departed.

Slowly she shifted her view to the left to watch the peaceful movement of the trees. Deep inside something tugs at her, calling to her. Gathering up her strength, Michelle gradually came to her feet.

“Careful, Michelle! Here sit on this chair.” Daniel offered in an overbearingly patriarchal way.

“No I need to walk, get away from the smell.” With more surety she walked toward the trees and the promise of peace they offered.

She could hear Daniel trailing behind her, clearly concerned about the blood loss she had sustained, wanting to help. As she stepped into the trees a blinding light flared up.


As she stumbled forward she felt a heavy object land on her back, pushing her to the ground.

*Welcome Syl’va.*

“What the fuck…” Whatever else Daniel would have said was cut off as Michelle drifted out of consciousness.

by [livejournal.com profile] midnight_vixen


Hazel Brownstein ran like the devil. One could argue she was still of a mind to continue running at this hell-for-leather pace in order to find Daniel Keller, Kira’s target, and let her kill him dead on the spot. She had no idea why Kira would be committing this atrocity—the usual reasons of having seen too much, gathered the wrong attention, given too much voice to his ambitions or taken some small portion of the things of powerful men. Alternately, it could be argued that Kira would be the one doing all that, as she was the dominant personality during a job. Hazel existed solely as a defensive countermeasure, and for the odd bit of unconsciously ordering the body to throw itself off a balcony when the dominant body had frozen in shocking disgust. Right now, it could be argued that Hazel ran like the devil to avoid the small-dog-sized ant robots that had begun crawling from the wreckage of the hotel and dragging the dead and half-dead out with them and the metallic giant controlling them.

The cold steel hooves of General Maurv sank into the scorched earth around the landing site when he bodily unfolded himself from the cramped spaces of the Capsule Assault Lander. He stood nine feet at full extension, and his majestic horns could scrape the ceilings at ten. He was a prime specimen of the Minotauri warrior caste, and he was here to reclaim the queen of his people. At the moment, however, he was surrounded by the gawping human swarm, each halted in the duties of seeing to the unfortunates injured in the collateral damage of his rather abrupt landing. Not wanting to appear hostile, General Maurv slung his PL-19 Ion Accelerator in its holding web behind his back and deployed the cape with the little dramatic wind turbines he was so fond of using for these sorts of diplomatic negotiations. Pressing a short series of buttons on his wrist control device, his capsule dissolved into a swarm of hexapedal robots, designated to aid the fleshy little creatures in their search and rescue operation. But why were they all suddenly screaming?

Michelle DeSilva recognized the little drone robots for what they were when she looked back through the tree line to see the hotel. Though she couldn’t see it, she knew the Minotaur would be not far behind. Probably hidden by some rubble or an errant tree or something. That, then would have been what crashed into the hotel. *I tell you not to waste time, but do you listen, no, and does anybody ever listens to their psychic space lemur anymore, I most certainly do not think so* Simum’s words rattled around in her brain like the song she couldn’t forget, at the same time Daniel’s insistent pleas for her to sit and relax. *and are you paying attention to me, oh no you are not, you’re all eyes on the human who’s thinking about nothing but sex…sex, sex, sex…the hotel has just been destroyed, there are a dozen dead, and he’s trying to have sex with you…you sure do know how to pick ‘em* Finally, Michelle exploded with the words, “Oh, will you just shut the hell up already?!” She had no idea whether that was for Daniel or Simum, but the one thing she did know, it was much louder than she’d wanted. She was still turning to waggle an accusatory finger in Daniel’s face when she heard the rustle of leaves and saw the gargantuan metal shape of the Minotaur leap forty feet in the air, through the trees and hurtle towards her like a guided missile. “LOOK OUT!” she tried to shout. The soaring minotaur was heard to exclaim something like, "Eureka! I've got you now!"

Daniel Keller was having an exceptional bad day. He was looking forward to easing into a nice, cool series of increasingly alcoholic drinks with funny umbrellas in them while repeatedly penetrating that girl who had just come to his door. And that’s when it went wrong. With a crashing piece of space debris that was made of ant robots and hiding the huge beastie currently hurtling through the air at him. The girl whose bodily orifices he had planned on abusing seemed less than pleased with him, and has just shouted “look out” and pushed him down, filling his trousers with sand. And there was another prospect in the form of the second quite attractive girl currently running up the beach at them. But she seems to have a kid…who she’s putting down right now and reaching into her jacket for some reason. Oh. No…the day gets one step worse. The metal bull-thing flying through the air just shot her with some kind of lightning gun and landed on Daniel’s would-be girlfriend. This guy really takes his cock-blocking seriously. Daniel Keller, shell shocked, thinks maybe he should go look after the kid and the girl struck by lightning.

“It’s been a while, Syl’va.” The metal monstrosity sitting on her chest tried to form a wry grin as it said this and succeeded far better than it should have.

“An ex of yours, honey?” *it is most regrettable you’ll have to sacrifice yourself nobly to facilitate my daring escape from this situation, mistress. But you’ll die knowing I’ve never had a better host.*

“Didn’t I tell you to shut the hell up, already?” That was probably for all three of them.

“Tell me where she is and I’ll restrain myself from bending your frame in any further knots, Syl’va.”

“You didn’t manage to damage my frame, brute.” She summoned forth all the spite and feminine disdain she could muster from her time among the humans.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Next time I’m sure to be MUCH more indelicate. Now where’s your precious Space Princess? I already had my drones check the people scattered around the domicile wreckage, and…”

She cuts him off, “Oh don’t tell me! You liquefied them?”

“It happens.” If you’ve never seen a ten foot tall, three ton metal minotaur shuffle its feet guiltily whilst sitting astride a somewhat dainty woman’s chest before, you’ll have no idea what this scene looks like as he says this. “No matter, tell me where she is.”

“Just for that, I’m tempted to let you figure that out for yourself.”

“I’m on a short timeframe here, peacenik.”

“How’s about we just say you should learn to ask questions first and shoot later.”

“What could you possibly mean by that?” The great android looks down the sandy stretch at the woman lying face-down on the beach with the burn mark on her back. “GREAT SCOTT!”

It is, at this precise moment, that Kira rears up and takes one quite dramatic and gasping intake of breath. Seeing Daniel a mere hundred feet away, she springs immediately to her feet and bolts across the sand towards him, snatching up the first piece of debris she can lay claim to along the way. This happens to be a metal pipe approximately the same size and shape as an aluminum baseball bat, except for the lump of concrete clinging to one end.

Daniel, knocked out of the stupor of the worst day of his young life by the oncoming threat of an obviously crazy person, reaches for the first piece of debris he can lay claim to…which happens to be a loop of nylon sailing line. Daniel begins running.

“See? She’s fine. Strictly non-lethal…some of the time.”

“She’s your queen, too, nimrod.”

When they next glance over, Daniel seems to have miraculously subdued Kira and is beginning the slow process of binding her hands together, then her feet, then tying the hands to the feet in the classic tradition of hog-tying.

“What’s all this about queens and princesses and who the hell is that guy?” Daniel pointed, quite rudely.

“She’s the queen of my race!” Both the girl and the minotaur-bot say this at exactly the same time. Daniel remains oddly confused by this.

“You tell him,” the general commands.

“He’s minotaurs, I’m centaurs, on our home planets, we’re just non-biological life forms, so to inspire creativity in each of our races, we turn to biological life forms and add their consciousness to our digital personalities to fuse into one which is called a bonded pair. That girl you have there is the one human being in history capable of being either a minotaur or a centaur and we’re both fighting over her. That’s the short version.”

“So this guy is?”

“He’s a general in the Legionnaires of Minos.”

“He’s Greek?”

“Does he look fucking Greek to you?”

“Just making sure…geez. So he’s a human brain in a robot body from another planet?”

“I’m right here, you know…”

“Merged with and living together with a digital personality.”

“And you are?”

“Just the digital personality. What you would call a robot. My human appearance is an artificial camoflague coating to help me blend in with your people and look for our Space Princess, who you have now gift wrapped.”

“So underneath all that fake skin, you’re actually…” he trailed off, expecting her to finish the unspoken idea.

“Did you ever see those awful Terminator movies?”

“Yeah, but,” he seemed to consider the implications of this before he disbelievingly said, “NO.”

“’Fraid so.” Daniel began to make awesomeface and a faint oooh-ing noise.

“Listen, I do hate to interrupt…” said the General, and loomed over the two in a very metallic manner.

by [livejournal.com profile] mr_jaeger

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